Are you looking for an easy way to find international business opportunities, then you may wish to receive the e-mail trading posts of Internet Brokers. E-mail trading posts make finding international business opportunities easy several ways. First, e-mail trading posts simply list an announcement from six companies looking for new international business contacts, announcements are mostly from companies looking for distributors or licensees in other countries, and are published only once or twice monthly, making it easy to sort through announcements. Second, e-mail trading posts are sent via e-mail, making it easy to see and to respond to announcements. Also, e-mail trading posts list announcements from companies where Internet Brokers has established a connection, making it easy to discuss announcements of interest. Because e-mail trading posts are sent via e-mail and Internet Brokers has a connection with companies placing announcements, announcements of interest can be discussed first via e-mail before either side invests in an in-person meeting. Finally, Internet Brokers uses its experience being one of the first companies offering international business opportunities via e-mail and from dealing with companies ranging from small firms to major multinational corporations to try and filter announcements before these appear on e-mail trading posts, so one can deal with companies receiving some qualification. To receive e-mail trading posts, there is no charge, please send an e-mail with "subscribe" in the subject area to

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