Internet Brokers is one of the first companies in the world, if not the first, to send subscribers a small number of international business opportunities via e-mail.  E-mail trading posts were designed to provide a new means to find companies seeking new international business contacts, in addition to traditional means such as visiting an overseas trade show or participating in a trade mission to another country and a new way to offer international business opportunities, in addition to traditional means such as having a booth at a trade show.  With e-mail trading posts, potential international business partners first meet via e-mail, possibly leading later to an investment in traveling. With traditional means one first invests in things such as traveling, hotels, or a trade booth to meet potential international business partners. Internet Brokers has been sending subscribers e-mail trading posts once or twice monthly since the period when less than one-half of one percent of the world's population was using the Internet, is a virtual company, with few conventional expenses to pass through, such as rent and secretarial salaries, has a Chicago business license, and has dealt with major multinational corporations, such as finding a new overseas distributor for a division of a company having annual sales of more than USD 20B and introducing executives of companies having annual sales in excess of USD 1B to an U.S.-China trade organization with headquarters in Chicago. International business contacts come partly from a representative of Internet Brokers traveling overseas as a guest of trade organizations in other countries to meet local companies, such as in Peru and Costa Rica, meeting trade delegations from more than 20 countries visiting Chicago* and giving a presentation at an U.S..-African trade conference. 

*Internet Brokers has met trade delegations from the
following countries in Chicago: Botswana, Brazil, 
Canada, Cameroon, Chile, CHINA**, Costa Rica, Croatia, The CZECH REPUBLIC, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hungary, INDIA, Luxembourg, MALAYSIAMexico, The Netherlands, Nigeria, The SULTANATE OF OMAN,
Peru, Romania, SOUTH AFRICASouth Korea, Spain, 
Uruguay, and Vietnam.


**From China: Changzhou, Dalian, Guizhou, Hunan, 
Liaocheng, Nanjing, Shaoxing, Tianjin, Tieling, Wuxi,
and Zhejiang.
In LARGE LETTERS, at least one trade delegation
led by the Minster of Trade.
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Italicized, more than one trade delegation.