E-mail Trading Post January 27, 2016
E-mail trading posts list an announcement from six
companies looking for either new international trade or
business contacts
Internet Brokers has a connection with each
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announcements of interest, possibly leading to
an in-person meeting.
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SOUTH AFRICAN WINE...Winery established
200+ years ago, distributing to Japan, Kenya, the Netherlands, and more, seeks new distributors.
U.S. firm offering pavement maintenance products 
and equipment seeks new overseas licensees.

having 3000+ units worldwide, seeks regional
franchisees, 25+ units, in specific world markets.

Firm in business 40 years, with established
licensees, seeks new overseas licensees.

CARNATIONS..South American grower of spray
carnations and carnations exporting to the USA
and Japan seeks new overseas trade partners.

WATER PUMPS....Manufacturer of a water
pump using water as power, in business 150+
years, seeks overseas licensees./ agents.