Comments About Internet Brokers

From Chicago...I own a company that distributes products throughout Chicagoland. Via the e-mail trading posts I became aware of a possible opportunity for my firm. I contacted Internet Brokers and a personal meeting was arranged between me and an executive of the company posting the announcement of interest.
From New Zealand...In my search for assistance on the Internet you are the only professional I have come across that has developed any credibility with me and obviously is running a bona fide business. You and your company are to be congratulated on running an ethical business in very difficult world times.
From Washington D.C....The International Trade Administration‘s U.S. Department of Commerce appreciates the assistance you have given us in promoting our USA Catalog Show and Pavilion at China Computerworld Expo in Beijing this September. We were impressed by your ability to give our announcement worldwide coverage through the Internet and hope that we can continue on you for help in the future.
From Russia...Our company was founded in 1995, has more than 200 employees and has clients having sales in excess of 1 billion USD. We approached Internet Brokers in order to find individuals throughout the world that may have access to senior management of prospective clients. Our company is quite pleased with the quality of response we have thus far received and by the support provided by Internet Brokers.
From the Caribbean...I was looking for a specific product for our trading firm. Via Internet Brokers I met an established company experienced in exporting this particular product. We have already received our first 40 foot container and look forward to importing future FCLs.
From South America... I am in charge of overseas business development for my company. My firm used Internet Brokers to find overseas business contacts. Via the placement of our announcement on the e-mail trading posts and the assistance of Internet Brokers in arranging subsequent meetings, I was able to present my company in person to qualified prospects in North America.
From the West Coast, U.S.A....I am in charge of export sales for a "Global 200" company. We are quite pleased with the quality of potentiIal clients presented to us by Internet Brokers.
From South Africa...I was looking for opportunities for my new company. Via the e-mail trading posts of Internet Brokers I learned of one of interest from an overseas telecommunications company. They were looking to expand into the African continent. As a result an agreement was signed. I would like to express my appreciation to Internet Brokers for making me aware of this opportunity via its e-mail trading posts.
From Asia...We would like to thank Internet Brokers for arranging a meeting in the U.S. with executives of the export department of a company having sales in excess of 1 billion USD. This personal approach we believe is essential for future business relations with this company.
From Chicago...I am a former executive with a Fortune 500 company and started my own business. I used the e-mail trading posts of Internet Brokers to find new business contacts. I am impressed with the response I received, especially the aggressive and successful agent I found in India.
From Chicago... You are like Marco Polo. (When the founder of Internet Brokers asked a Yale and Harvard graduate why his comp a ny was one of the few meeting overseas trade delegations visiting Chicago, this was his answer. This reply seems to refer to Internet Brokers being one of the few companies in Chicago venturing forth to meet trade delegations, but also could refer to Internet Brokers being a pioneer in providing a new way to find companies in the market for either new international trade or business contacts and a new way for companies looking for new international business contacts to find prospects).
From the Chicago area...I am Vice President of Business Development of a NYSE firm having sales in excess of one billion USD. We are pleased with the service provided by Internet Brokers; by the quality of prospective overseas partners presented to us and also by the ongoing support provided to our firm.
From Europe...Thanks to Internet Brokers I learned of an opportunity for my market from a company with annual sales in excess of 1 billion USD. With the assistance of Internet Brokers I was able to be placed in contact with the head of international business development. This led to me visiting their home office in the U.S.
From the Caribbean...I am the project manager for a 100 million USD plant in the Caribbean. We were looking worldwide for specialized construction companies. To facilitate our search we placed an announcement on the e-mail trading posts of Internet Brokers. Almost immediately after the announcement was posted, we were introduced to a firm meeting our standards. As a result we are now in discussions with this company.